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N/A overcome shaping is showing how to overcome the traffic shaping as introduced by isps.

aparently the packet is encrypited and then encapsulated so only the outer headers are understanadable so that the shaping protocol thinks its hpps~: traffic and lets it through un managed.
the disadvantage is that it needs to be translated and recieved with suitable keys, spose like how vpn works.

a new version of a popular p2p progarm is taking the lead which i wont mention ( w@r@z).com and if people use this program as for file sharing all the keys will will talk to each other.

wow hope this comes about soon.
N/A overcome shaping

Ok lets all tell PlusNet to bloody ban this as well.
If this is going to happen why did you post it in here!
Should have kept it a secret and have 200kb/s torrent downloads on BB+
Best Wishes
N/A overcome shaping

No doubt the ISPs will simply apply shaping to this sort of traffic also, https traditionally is not used for high bandwith applications - proabably due to the encryption/decryption overhead. I guess (although I might be wrong) that if shaping were applied to this type of traffic, most 'legitimate' uses would not be affected. Just those trying to bodge some p2p action through it.

Where there's someone trying to get round shaping, there's an ISP trying to beat them! Cry
N/A overcome shaping

Yep sure is!
PlusNet won't let this happen.
Maybe for a week or so!
N/A overcome shaping

Thread moved to a more appropriate forum as it is not feedback regarding Plus Net products and services.
N/A overcome shaping


Be interesting to watch them try though. See, they CAN'T just block https traffic, otherwise, you paypal account etc isn't going to work. They would have to block https above a certain limit in a certain timeframe....AND justify it as suspicious use. Perhaps I just use a lot of https traffic? :twisted:

Anything that keeps them on the run should now be considered sport.
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Your comments are hardly helpful. Its comments like that that invoke a knee jerk reaction from ISPs and they end up shaping port 80 traffic more.

Do I want them to shape my web traffic more so you can download more TV programs? No.