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any update on todays problems with missing free minutes

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any update on todays problems with missing free minutes

I called over an hour ago re missing free minutes as part of the premier option 1. I was assured that this would be added to the current list of plusnet customer who are reporting problems.

I have kept an eye on the status page and no update has been made re the re-occurance of the problem and nothing has been added to my tickets recording my call.

If there is no ticket raised after my call does that mean that it's been ignored.

Feeling like I'm being ignored here. I was cut off once after explaining my problem earlier and do not wish to have to call for a 3rd time.

Could someone from plusnet please change the status page to reflect the current problem or tell me if its a problem with just my account. Looking around the forum I'm not the only one missing the minutes.

who else is missing minutes?