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Theres been a bit of publicicyt over the Russian based MP3 download servioce -
A few months ago, the American Recording industry Association of America (riaa) tried to prosecute through the Russian courts, and failed as isnt breaking any laws.
Now the UK based brittish phonographic institute are sying that is ilegal, and are proposing to prosecute it through the UK courts.

see news story Here

Theres also an update on the origanal news item, on the register Here

so out of all of this confusion, has issued a statement


The US government officials and politicians have been demanding lately that the Russian authorities shut down, alleging the site is pirate. Otherwise, they threaten Russia with sanctions, including blocking its entry to WTO.

In this regard we would like to make a statement:

1. The site belongs to a Russian company and for 6 years it has operated within the country, in full compliance with all Russian laws. Throughout this period the various government offices have scrutinized site's legality and have not found any breach of the law. So far there has been no decision by any Russian court contesting the site's legality.

2. The Russian site is not operating or advertising its business on the territory of other countries.

3. The site does regularly transfer substantial amounts of royalties to the Russian organizations for collective management of rights such as ROMS and FAIR, which have granted the site licenses to legally deliver music through the Internet.

4. The site reserves the right to take all steps necessary to protect its business reputation. We call upon everyone to take a thorough and unbiased view of the site's legality.

5. On September 1, 2006 the changes to the Russian copyright legislation will come into force. Since January 2006 the site has been making direct agreements with rightholders and authors at the same time increasing the price of the music compositions and transferring the royalties directly to the artists and record companies. The aim of is to agree with all rightholders on the prices and royalties amounts by September 1, 2006.

6. We believe in the long term and civilized business based on respecting the law, considering the customers' demands as well as the interests of both national and international rightholders.

The Administration
June 6, 2006 Moscow

Taken from here

From what i understand - is operating within Russian law, and as long as the transactions take place in Russia your importing the music. pays Roms and FAIR fees for the music, ROMS and FAIR were set up by the Russian Government to collect music Rights.
As for the price, expect to see a hike and a chage in the structure after the 1st of september ( see point 5 in the statement)

I have used in the past because
it offers downloads in various formats ( MP3/WMA/ogg/aac/.WAV etc)
You can choose the bitrate ( ie 320kbs mp3)
the music is not 'locked' to a specific player or device - in other words its portable

One interesting fact to remmebr the BPI also consider Imported music as 'Ilegal' if if its purchased from a legitiamate source - CD Wow were prosecuted for selling cut priced legaly sourced CDs from abroad in the UK, the CDs were legit, but as they were bought outside of the UK, the BPI deemed them to be little more than illegal copies.
see nbews item here

2. The Russian site is not operating or advertising its business on the territory of other countries

Doesn't need to now does it :twisted:

and DAMN they are cheap lol