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? about domain names and email forwarding


? about domain names and email forwarding

Hi all,

I am currently with PlusNet but am due to leaving soon to another ISP (wont go into reasons as this is not the place)

Now I had two domain names hosted here, and I have transferred them out to another hosting company as I will no longer be using plusnet.

What happens to my emails that go to i.e. ?
I used to pick them up through outlook via PlusNet settings.

Do i now need to foward those emails via the new hosting company?

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? about domain names and email forwarding


This will depend on what exactly has been done with the domains.

When transfering domains out, we no longer have any name server control of them. This means that email and web based records no longer point to us. Or in simple terms, we don't handle your email.

How you will collect your email from now on, will depend how you have setup your domain with your new hosting company.

They will normaly provide you with mailboxes, or alternatly forward email for you.

For mailboxes, you need to configure your email client to collect from the hosts servers.

For redirects, you supply it will an address to redirect too. You will then collect email from that address as normal.

If you redirected to your PlusNet email, then you would collect it however you would normaly collect it from there.

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