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Zyxel 2002L working with PlusTalk


Zyxel 2002L working with PlusTalk

I have this unit working a treat with plustalk. The sound is impecabble and I am already saving money compared to my BT options package.

When I get round to it, I will post a new topic with the settings required and the process carried out to get it going, and maybe make this a sticky as there have been lots of others having trouble getting this working.

The only thing it lacks so far is the lack of "broad" dial plans, in that instead of having to manually prefix calls to route over the PSTN, it doesnt seem to be able to pick up on 0800 and 0870 numbers. I have tried asterixing the number (eg, 0800*, 0870*, etc) but this doesn't work. Ah well, I dont mind that much as its a fantastic bit of kit.

Zyxel 2002L working with PlusTalk

Hi gotdsl, and anyone else who has succeeded.

Have just acquired a ZyXEL 2002L voip unit. You say you have it working a treat with Plustalk and were going to post the settings. I cannot find your post with these settings.
My unit is refusing to register, despite following Support's published set up guide to the letter.

Where have I gone wrong. What settings do actually work?

I would like to hear from anyone who has had success.