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Zyxel 2002L - wont boot? :(


Zyxel 2002L - wont boot? :(

I've just bought one of these from plusnet and have tried setting it up.

However when I plug it in, the pwr/voip light blinks for a few seconds, and then stays off.

I have tried connecting to (the default management IP) but I cannot even ping it (and I am configured to use the proper subnet, etc..)

The LAN and PC LED's stay lit up when they are connected.

According to the destructions the pwr/VOIP LED should be lit constantly when it finishes booting. But I cannot even try a reset because it needs the LED to be on constantly to do that.

I have set up a couple of these for people without problems so I'm fairly sure it's not something I'm doing wrong..

Duff unit perhaps? Sad

Zyxel 2002L - wont boot? :(

Never mind, zyxel are going to RMA it for another one.

Shame really, was itching to get it going before the weekend Cry