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Zoom ata help

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Registered: 02-08-2007

Zoom ata help

Hi All,

I have the Zoom 5805 ata, 1st account setup with global village and working but i want to setup another account on the device to work with Plusnet. i have the username and password ok, think i have the correct server address's in the correct fields but can't get it to go thru plusnet.
am i missing anything on the setup, or do i have to press a number before dialing??, there is a prefix number on the page which i set to 2 and tried that but it didn't work. maybe i have to do something else.
i did raise a ticket with plusnet and gave them a screen shoot and they gave me the details i needed but didn't tell me where to put them and they haven't replied to my ticket.
Any1 here know what to do.

Zoom ata help

Have you seen the document

- it has a large section on setting up dial patterns and part of that relates to prefixes for different VoIP providers. I can't tell you exactly how to set the Zoom up for different providers as I haven't had the need for that myself but here's what I've got in my VoIP account section for PlusTalk:

SIP Enable = Enable
Service Provider Name = PlusTalk
Outbound Caller ID Name = Your name
Phone Number (SIP User ID) = Your 6 digit PusTalk SIP number
Auth User Name = Your 6 digit PlusTalk SIP number
Auth Password = your password
SIP Server =
Auth Domain =
Outbound Proxy =
Register Domain =
ReReg Interval = 3600
Subcribe Domain =
ReSub Interval = 120
Ring Type = 1
Dial Prefix = blank or set according to your custom dial pattern

To see if PlusTalk works at all for you, note down your Global Village settings in the primary VoIP provider bit and the replace them with the plustalk settings, save and reboot and try dialling 7000 for the echo test. If that works, then try setting up dial patterns...

Posts: 47
Registered: 02-08-2007

Zoom ata help

Hi RL,

thanks for that, i forgot i had that post.
i deleted my global village settings (after taking a note of them) donkeys ago and replaced them with Plus nets. been working np.
if i ever decide to add another account again and need the 2 accounts, i will look into that document.

thanks again