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Zoom 5800 setup


Zoom 5800 setup

1) When I make VOIP calls I am able to hear the other person but they cannot hear me.
2) I have set non VOIP calls to 1458,07,08,1471,1571
Calls to 1458,1471 and 1571 go through BT but 07 and O8 calls still go throu VOIP, If I call 07 wait for 5 seconds and dial the rest of the the number it goes to VOIP.
I have disabled DHCP and use static IP on the ATA and also set the Gateway/DNS address to the local router IP. I have done the port forwading as per Richard leszczynski settings

"In my firewall I've forwarded ports 3478 and 5060 for both UDP and TCP, and 10000 and 10002 on UDP only. 10000 and 10002 are for the voice traffic and correspond to the port range 10000-10003 in the unit's RTP settings. (Advanced --> VoIP Parameters --> RTP Protocol Parameters; change "Base RTP Port" to 10000 and "Maximum RTP Port " to 10003). "

3) Zoom 5800 provides 4 VOIP providers settings, Is possible to use the handset to switch VOIP providers if not is it possible to activate the other provider through ATA manager.