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Zone Alerm - Cost


Zone Alerm - Cost

Is Zone alarm free ?? I have just connected to ADSL and after looking through the posts this is the first step in protecting my PC.
If I install a router / firewall do I need another PC ??

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Zone Alerm - Cost

There is a free version of zonealarm and one with a few more features you need to pay for.

Not sure what you mean about a router? You can have a router and use one computer or use a hub / switch and use several computers on the same connection.


Zone Alarm

Any recomendations on which to buy Huh
Is there anything else that I should be consdiering Other than a decent virus software scanning tool ??
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Zone Alerm - Cost

Spyware/malware scanners
Anti-virus scanners
pop-up blockers
trojan scanners
email spam blockers
Firewall software

To name but a few areas you need protection for now a days. Some Info can be found here. Not an extensive list and many I use are not listed but it's a start.

ZoneAlarm Free is very good firewall and very easy to use. I've used it for ages before upgrading to the Pro version.

Adaware and Spybot search & destroy for spyware

I use Mozilla browser for pop-up blocking (which is built in)

BOClean is a very good trojan scanner

Use google to find the above and other alternatives.