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Zone Alarm v.6


Zone Alarm v.6

If you use ZA 5.5 (PRO or free) and are tempted to upgrade to v.6, have a peep here first and be warned:

After 3 weeks of fiddling with the settings, I've finally managed to 'tame' 6.0.331. At one time it had disabled all my AV, spyware and Microsoft updates, and even made AVG Control Centre unusable (had to reinstall)...and I got it lightly compared to some of the posters in the Zone Labs forum.

Stick to version 5.5 !
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Zone Alarm v.6

Strange... not had any problems when I upgarded from 5.5 pro to 6.0.631 pro and then the recent updrade to 667 (which you must do a clean install with, not an upgrade). Using AVG 7 free and that has been working throughout. All other apps/tools also working once I re-allowed access (after the install).

Zone Alarm v.6

Yes, it's very strange! The problems reported in the forum are so diverse it's hard to pin down what is causing them.

I did a clean install too, that probably spared me a few problems. But I lost all my program control settings and had to fix them again one by one, a long process as I kept on discovering more disabled services with use! Things improved when the 15 days PRO trial expired

Thing to watch after v.6 is installed is that it's best not to uninstall using Windows' Uninstall Program service.

Upgrades & versions Ivan


You might laugh at me but I'm still using ZoneAlarm version 2.361 which is several years old now but frankly IMO the best firewall version Zone Labs ever produced. Its so simple, no bells and whistles, set it and forget it, it just sit's there in the system tray and works and has done since day 1.

**From experience not all versions of software (any software) are the same nor better just because it's an upgrade. The software industry survives on upgrades and the speed to get new products to market are getting more and more silly (fear of competition too I guess?) so the software gets more and more buggy. i.e. not enough testing before release.

**Upgrade does NOT equal better product neccessarily!


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Zone Alarm v.6

I'm using the latest version of Zone Alarm Pro, and I've not had any real problems. It's working really well for me.
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Zone Alarm v.6

I've used ZA since v2 and have the latest version of ZAP installed. It works, as ever, extremely well.

However, I have one small caveat which is to do with the number of warnings about dangerous & suspicious behaviours. These are far too off-putting for an average user and people will either keep denying the request and often find what they were wanting to do disabled or will accept everything. This latter response leaves them open and makes the whole point of asking for permission pointless.

I say this because some years ago I bought a behaviours based AV program called InDefense which didn't rely on virus signatures but monitored virus-like activity. It too asked many 'will you allow' type questions which flummoxed me as I had no clue what was ok and what was not. Result? I got a virus infection.

It seems that the new multi-layered defence strategy is causing this and no doubt it's 'a good thing' and 90% of it could be 'solved' by ZA widening their database as to what programs are likely to do what as a normal part of their behaviour.

Would I still recommend ZA/ZAP? Yes.

Zone Alarm v.6

Hi, people. I run ZA Pro, and I reverted to this after problems caused by an upgrade to ZA Pro 6.

As hinted at above, it seems certain that most of the problems caused by ZA Pro 6 have resulted from people installing it by the upgrade method. A clean install, in theory, will not cause the same problems.

I have to admit that after the problems that I had (PC hanging at the log-in page and only responding to mains switch-off; very slow performance whenever I was able to actually log-in; squashing of McAfee AV; some Admin user accounts not being able to log in), I was too nervous of trying the ZA 6 clean install!