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Zone Alarm Free Edition Internet Access Porblem


Zone Alarm Free Edition Internet Access Porblem

Hi there,

I have just recently installed the free edition of Zone Alarm. Everything works great except for this:

When I double-click the Zone Alarm icon in the tray and navigate to 'Firewall' (left hand side tab)>>>>Main (top tab) I am presented with two security sliders. When the INTERNET ZONE SECURITY slider is set to MEDIUM all programs can access internet no problem. However, when I adjust the INTERNET SECURITY slider to HIGH no programs at all can access the internet for some unknown reason and the HIGH setting is the recommended setting for frequent internet use by Zone Labs.

I therefore wish to access the internet using the HIGH level setting on the INTERNET SECURITY slider but for some unknown reason internet access is blocked unless the slider is moved down to MEDIUM level

Anyone know of a possible cure for the above problem??

If so, please contact me via: or post a reply.

Any help/advice will be much appreciated...

Bye for now...

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Zone Alarm Free Edition Internet Access Porblem

Are you using ICS (internet connection sharing) to allow another PC to use your PC to access the internet. If so that is your problem as the free version does not support ICS. You have to use the PRO version and pay for a licence.

If you don;t use ICS then I don;t know why it does not work as I have installed many systems with the free versions and they all work using the default settings.

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I have used ZoneAlarm for several years and also run a freeware version (version 2.631 which is completely brilliant).

I'd first of all check and make sure you DONT have microsofts built in firewall switched on (if you have winXP) which you will find IS turned on if you have ICS installed (yes! its another microsoft annoying feature nobody tells you about, & which I only found out from experience). Secondly, check which applications or programs you have in ZA's programs list and ensure you have only the ones you want to allow internet acces too. Thirdly make sure you have given these programs local & internet permissions (green ticks) and you might have to allow them to have "act as server" too.

Apart from this I cannot see why raising the slider to high would block internet access at all? Can I ask which version of ZoneAlarm you are working with. I found that after version 2.631 ZoneLabs made many changes to the interface and features I just didnt like and the more recent version of this firewall became less & less user friendly. I tried some of the newer versions but quickly got rid of them and returned to my trusted 2.631 which I find very very stable and reliable.


Zone Alarm Free Edition Internet Access Porblem

Hi again,

My Zonealrm version is the very latest available (

It appears that once the PC has booted up fully into windows desktop that I have to shutdown and re-open Zonelarm which will then result in it being able to detect my internet connection at the 'HIGH' setting on the 'Internet Security' slider.' within Zonealarm. The 'Internet Security' sliders can be adjusted after this with no problem whatsoever between MEDIUM and HIGH settings without a shutdown and re-open. If the slider was at the 'Medium' setting after inital boot-up then I DO NOT need to shutdown and re-open Zonealarm - just at the HIGH setting.

It must be something to do with Zonelarm loading up at boot-up first before my internet connection has logged onto Plusnet - basically Zonelarm can't see a gateway to the internet at first which must be why I have to shutdown and re-open at which point it is perfectly fine.

Anyway everyhings fine now and thanks for the responce's I had to this topic...

Happy Surfing...


More Regarding ZoneAlarm

Hello again,

Dont know if this is of any any help or consolation to you but I found ZA can be a tad pain the posterior at times, basically what you have to do (from experience here) is allow ZoneAlarm to load at windows start up and Yes! it can be quite slow.

ZA loads x2 windows background services on bootup which are 1) TrueVector Basic Logging Client which should be set in windows services to "automatic" 2) TrueVector Internet Monitor again should be set to "automatic" NOTE: both of these services depend upon other services too, namely Remote Proceedure Call (RPC).

**NOTE: DO NOT load your internet connection BEFORE ZoneAlarm has loaded to above x2 services if you do your asking for problems. If you always allow ZA to load these x2 services before any internet connection it should work smoothly everytime from experience.


Zone Alarm Free Edition Internet Access Porblem

thanks for the advice m8 - much appreciated Cheesy

So should I put my internet connection to manual connect/disconnect so that ZA always is the primary startup service? At the moment my adsl connection is on 'Always On/Automatic Connect' on startup. Should I therefore connect manually so that ZA and my adsl connection software don't interfere with one another?

Bye for now...


ZoneAlarm & Connecting


Yep! thats exactly right you've got it, you must have ZA load up first then your ADSL connection. Yes! I always fire up my broadband connection manually after ZA and that way you wont go wrong. Have a go, that should work safely for you.


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