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Your services

I'm sorry to post as guest but is this service also avaible in Europe (like belgium) or is it only for UK companies and home users.


m.dave at

Services outside the UK? Ivan

Hello Guest,

As far as I know Plusnet, & Force9 & also Free-Online are all ISP's that are UK based only. Which means as yet they DONT have any other points of presence (POP's) outside of UK borders. So although its possible to connect into Plusnet from your present location as a guest for example, I dont think you would benefit from having an account as such with Plusnet. If you are based in Belguim or on the European mainland you would probably do better with an ISP who is based within your own borders or who has POP's closer to you.

This is just from a broadband or dialup speed & cost too point of view, as I believe some european ISP's can offer far lower service costs than we can here in the UK. France I believe do currently have ISP's that offer very attractive deals but you would have to do abit of research of your own to find this by comparing deals & services (just depends if your prepared to do the leg work involved?).

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