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Your PlusNet Website is over its webspace allowance -ER, NO!


Your PlusNet Website is over its webspace allowance -ER, NO!

If you have just been told that you have exceeded your webspace allowance and had your site pulled, do check the Plusnet webspace figures before trimming down your site. (or spending money upgrading your account to get more space as suggested in their email below!)

Yesterday Plusnet disabled my webspace without prior warning, and emailed me to say so. When I checked I found that I was nowhere near my limit, but actually I had nearly 200Megs spare space.
Support just told me that the problem is a bad macro which seems to think that the sites are capped at 250M not 500M. There was not the slightest element of an apology, it seems it was the macro's fault, that no-one is responsible. I still dont see any mention of this problem on the Service Status page, the Web Space button is still Green.

I have another Plusnet account with FrontPage extensions. This site got pulled recently for being oversize, yet my measure of the size suggested it should be fine, and their estimate from MyWebspace was that I had used zero of my 250M. They dont offer a way of reading their estimate of ones used FrontPage server webspace.

So come on Plusnet. Please get control of your webspace measurements. At least apologise to your customers when you screw up. Surely that wouldn't be too much, even for the "abuse team"
Dear Customer, It has come to our attention that in the last 24 hours your website has exceeded its webspace allowance by a significant amount. Unfortunately, because of the amount over the limit, your site has been archived. Please contact us through the website if you want your site to be restored. - we cannot do this via email or over the telephone. Your website used 55384 KB OVER its webspace usage allowance during the last 24 hours. You may be interested in upgrading to an account with a higher webspace quota; details of the webspace allowances are available on our website at the following URL: You can request that your website be restored by following the guidelines provided on our webspace FAQ: A condition of your site being restored is that you take precautions to ensure that future levels of usage don't exceed what is allowed on your account. Kind Regards, PlusNet Abuse Team
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Your PlusNet Website is over its webspace allowance -ER, NO!

There seems to be a lot of confusion over this issue and this is the second one I've read today.
I dont think that the message PlusNet are sending out is very clear and is misleading.

I am sure that the what has been exeeded is not the amount of space you have used but rather the amound of traffic that has passed to and from your site.
Check your webstats and see if this is the case.
You are allowed 250mB per day hence the referance to the 24hrs in the mail from them.

They realy need to get this message made clearer so that users know precisely what is meant.

Your PlusNet Website is over its webspace allowance -ER, NO!

it was the Plusnet support guy who confirmed my proposed explanation (300M used - 250M allowance = 50M excess, but actually I have 500M - 300M used = 200 space, just as the Webspace indicator showed). He told me they were aware of the problem and that it refers to Web Space. The fault appears to that the macro they use to send out the "Abuse" message was not updated when the webspace allowance was increased.

As for my daily usage, it is low but I just checked for January:
KBytes per Day average 3139 Max 15807, hardly cause for complaint surely.

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Your PlusNet Website is over its webspace allowance -ER, NO!

The answer you are being given by support is wrong. The bandwith allowance as John suggested above is based on how much is uploaded/ downloaded from your site per day, not the amount of storage space you are using.

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Your PlusNet Website is over its webspace allowance -ER, NO!

John is also right in saying this is not clearly stated for the end user !

i believe plusnet should make it much clearer that your 250mb webspace
allowance includes traffic to and fro / uploads downloads

its very easy to go over this limit just with a large family looking at your digi snaps thats without anyone else who passes by and webstats need to be closely monitored with this much webspace

and maybe a warning mail would be in order before pulling the site down
or do +net send a mail ? as its not mentioned

Website is over its webspace allowance?

To the above Moderating Administrators
Forgive me if I have misunderstood what you are telling me, but my TOTAL monthly usage for January is 88,867 KBytes, i.e less than the 250M DAILY allowance mentioned in the above emails, i.e. even if all my monthly traffic were on a single day, I would still be OK?.

In fact my Max / day in January is 15,807 KBytes per Day, So what am I doing wrong?