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Your IP address and vulnerability as a result of it.


Your IP address and vulnerability as a result of it.

Hi I was wondering, recently whilst chatting on the world wide web I have come across various people claiming that they are hackers (although it reality they are probably just script kiddies on an ego trip). Anyway these so called "hackers" have often claimed to have the ability to find out someones IP address and track their activity online e.g. What sites they are surfing and what sites they have surfed etc...Along with the usual drivel about finding someones location and targetting various hacking attacks at them using their IP address.

Now, i'm wondering if this is true, would one have to "give" out their IP address or can someone in a chat room find out your IP address just like "that" and use it to basically.."stalk" you over the web. It seems like scare mongering to me but I am always worried about getting viruses and spyware and consider my PC to be relatively safe with both ZoneAlarm software firewall, Avast anti-virus, Spybot, Spyware blaster and an inbuilt hardware firewall in the PC... I have never considered that people can simply find out your IP and do whatever the hell they want.

Can anyone enlighten me? i'm confused by it all :?

Your IP address and vulnerability as a result of it.

if your on IRC then yes, its quite easy to find out your IP, unless the ircd you are on supports host mangling, just do /dns Nick and you get the ip // dns of their nickname.

if its on a website, you would have to have ownership to see the logs // or admin on a forum to see who posted what.

with an ip, you can find out what location they are in (to the nearest backbone), and what country they live in.

they wont be able to tell your surfing habbits unless they hack your PC and steal all your cookies / temp files.

you should never think you are safe online, however runing a firewall, av, and adaware remove should make you safer than most, so long as you also keep your windows fully patched.