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Yahoo & Windows Live Messenger

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Yahoo & Windows Live Messenger


Hope this is the place for my query.

I am trying to add my Yahoo Contacts for use in Windows Live Messenger & vice-versa but am not having much luck.

I have the latest version of (,YIMS).

Yahoo's website says all I need to do is add the address (e.g. and then Select Windows Live from the pulldown Network menu but this option does not exist. I only have Yahoo Messenger & LCS.

Windows Live Messenger
I have version 8.0 (Build 8.0.0812.00). WML consistently tells me I require the Beta version and all links on the website just lead me to download the above verson.

I add a Yahoo address (e.g. The contact appears in the contacts list but any messages are not sent. The message window displays '<ID> is not in your contact list. Click here to add him or her now'. Clicking the link does nothing.

I have been trying everything to get this working for a few hours now and am at a complete loss. Has anyone been able to achieve this.

Thanks for any help.


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