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XP/Win98SE query


XP/Win98SE query

Does Outlook Express under Windows XP Home edition handle e-mail security
different to Outlook Express under Win98SE.

The wife has XP home edition,I have Win98SE,we are both using OE 6,both using the
same version of AVG,both have ticked under options/security “do not allow Outlook
Express to open or save attachments that may contain a virus” (or words to that
effect),and both have “preview” turned off.However if I recieve an e-mail that
contains an attachment or is written in HTML I get a yellow bar that says something
like “OE has removed etc etc etc”,which means that if I want to read something that
has been sent to me via fax2email for example I have to disable that security feature to
be able to read it,and re-enable it afterwards.

But the wifes machine does not show the yellow bar indicating the “OE has removed
etc etc etc” Have I forgotten to tick something,or is this just how it works on XP,and I
can rest assured that OE under XP is “not opening or saving something that may
contain a virus”.The only difference I can see in her OE/AVG combination is that
whereas I can see when I open OE (Win9Cool a AVG icon above where it says “launch
AVG” the wife (Win XP) just get “Launch AVG” and no icon.

Is the wifes Outlook Express secure (or as secure as it can be),in that there is no
idication as to if it is opening attachments etc.

Ian & Linda Jordan

XP/Win98SE query

Most of the new outloks wont let you open attachments for security reasons. This makes sense as opening html or other may run code for a virus.

There is a critical update for OE running under 98 which yuo can get if you run windows update.

I will never run outlok as there are to many viruses written to take andvaantage of OE the most secure email client at the moment is The Bat as it doesnt follow links and has many other security enhancments.

XP/Win98SE query

Guess you are right,just find it a little unverving that her copy doe'nt let you know,unlike mine

Ian & Linda Jordan

XP/Win98SE query

there are some scripts to change the defualt settings here