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X-lite health warning


X-lite health warning

This is for all luddites like myself who can't be bothered rejigging everything each time Microsoft comes up with a generally useless set of new bells and whistles for their software.

Be aware that X-lite does not appear to check for operating system compatibility before installing. It locked up my main NT4 system completely - no functionality at all, even after re-boot. Fortunately I have multiple platforms installed, one of which had the tools to delete X-lite and retrieve the situation. Had this not been the case I would have had to re-load the system and then re-configure a set of applications that has been built up over a good few years.

Note to Plusnet: When providing software for download make sure you give clear info re target system requirements
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X-lite health warning

I dont think PN should have to provide any support for this software at all and it is great they do as many VoIP providers don't.

X-Lite does support NT 4.0 so i would think it was a configuration issue with your machine

Version 2.0 for
Windows: 98SE, NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP, Pocket PC 2000/2002, and Mac OS X

that was from the user guide which you can easily get from the Couterpath X-Lite link provided by PN