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X-Lite 3 Problems - HELP!!!


X-Lite 3 Problems - HELP!!!

Hi all,

Just started using X-Lite recently, with no probs at all. (I have a Netgear ProSafe VPN Wireless router for broadband access at home).

I though I'd be smart and upgrade to version 3 of the X-Lite software, which has only recently been released.

Installation went well - except - all I get now on the screen of the phone is
"Registration error 479: we don't accept private IP contacts".

Don't understand why the previous version was error free and this problem has only now appeared. I haven't made any changes to the router in between either!!

Any pointers would be appreciated.. (ps I've opened the 4 ports listed in the help files within the router)..


Ross :x

Problem sorted

Hi All..

Just a quick update on my posted problem:

I managed to source some info on this particular problem within the X-Lite site itself. Apparently, if you're getting the 479 error - simply specify a STUN server as follows: - and all will be well!

Hope this helps - Oh and support - if you read these posts, please make sure your setup instructions reflect the actual product which you recommend users to download etc. Its only version 3 that's now available, and your instructions are out of date & unhelpful.