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Windows server 2003 firewall?


Windows server 2003 firewall?

Does anybody know what the built in firewall that comes with Windows Server 2003 is like?

I...uhhhhh...borrowed an installation CD of it, and all my internet traffic to my home network now comes through my server.

I'm hoping it's not as useless as the Windows XP firewall....

I would use something like ZoneAlarm, but every time I try and install a firewall on my network, I always loose ICS for some reason......I've tried 4 different firewalls, and each time I totally loose ICS no matter what settings I apply, so I'm a bit stuck with using the built in one at the moment.



Windows server 2003 firewall?

What version of WS 2k3 are you using?

Standard edition does not include Internet Security and Acelleration (ISA) Server but does include basic firewall features (using Routing and Remote Access Service) and rigorous security enhancements.

Premium and Enterprise does.

Be aware that running a cracked or unlicensed version of this product may have implications for you, more so than XP etc.

I would imagine that if you are having diffs configuring Zone Alarm then the security rules and config of 2k3 might pose a prob.



Windows server 2003 firewall?

I'm not overly worried as I've turned off automatic updating, and I by-passed the activation.

I'm running Enterprise edition, and the network is set up to use Routing And Remote Access rather than just plain ICS/ICF

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Windows server 2003 firewall?

Are you aware you can download an evaluation copy of 2003 enterprise from m$ to try for 180 days that you can ran update on ok. If the pc is connected to the internet it WILL talk to m$. Note the paragraph in previous post

Windows server 2003 firewall?

Ahhh, no, I wasn't....

I might do that then, and download the evaluation version - I installed it mainly coz I was just curious....and an evaluation version would satisfiy my curiosity.