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Why is VOIP so expensive?


Why is VOIP so expensive?


I've been using VOIP for over 6 months now. It has it's good points. I can change my number in seconds if need be. My phone number isn't linked to my line etc etc etc....

but my original reasons for getting it were the TCO were much less than a BT line. However my international calls are increasing in duration and frequency and I've discovered calling cards which are 25-33% cheaper than VoIP providers (I use sipgate and all in all found them to be the cheapest so far - though I've not looked at F9 yet but I don't imagine it coming close).

So if a telco can provide calls to Egypt at 3ppm over PSTN how come the next best VoIP provider stuggles to get this in close to 10ppm. Even putting on top the local charge part of the calling card call (i.e. the call to their routing centre, 0845, 0870, 020X 07X etc...) it still works out superbly cheaper.

Is it just a case of the new adopters fronting the development and installation charges again?


p.s. you ever think your regular Telco provider pays for the electric to run your phone (okay you pay this in the line rental). But with an ISP you pay for the power to run your phone/PC and your router and anything else in between. On a PC you're talking around 1Kwh (10 pence) per 2-3 hours of telephone conversation.

Why is VOIP so expensive?

Hi 10p per Kwh :shock: You need to change fuel provider!

Try looking on

Why is VOIP so expensive?

If you want cheaper calls register your landline with

Beats any voip offers

I only use my voip setup for extra incoming calls

F9 suppiled my speedtouch 716wl router best of all its ADSL 2+ and has 2 voip lines built in at a cracking price

Why is VOIP so expensive?

You could try sipdiscount for outgoing and draytel for incoming....