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Which SMTP Server to use when travelling?


Which SMTP Server to use when travelling?

Plusnet doesn't seem to allow my laptop to send using when I am connected to the internet when travelling (ie from hotels etc).

I don't want to have to move to web-based email on these occasions because a. my addresses are in my email application and b. my email archive wont be complete.

If I can discover a local SMTP server then clearly I can use that but what if the hotel wont tell me...

1. How can I find out the SMTP server to use?

2. Do plus net offer a solution to this other than dialup? Surely, if they turned on authentication they could do this?

3. Might it be possible to get around this by setting the external IP address of my ADSL router as the SMTP server and then configure it to send any SMTP requests received out to

4. Any other solns?


C Savage