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What Adaptor?

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What Adaptor?

Right; I've just changed my BB to the PAYG10GB/PT offer obviously I will want to take advantage of the free evening and weekend calls that come with it.

I know I will need an adaptor for the ordinary phones question is which one?

I need something that will do the following:

By default use PT for outgoing calls and Talk Talk and PT for incoming.
The ability to easily overide the default of PT for outgoing calls an use Talk Talk instead.

What Adaptor?

You state that you still want to still receive incoming calls from your talktalk line and make outgoing calls using your SIP account OR talk talk as you choose. In that case you will need an analogue ATA, or a router with VOIP capability built in, with PSTN (lifeline) support. For this I use the zyxel 2002-L and for me it works well, but set up is not for the faint hearted and may not even work depending on your router.

Have a look at the Sipura 3000 which is supposed to be quite good, and also the Grandstream HT 488. Both of these work as you will want.