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Welcome to this Forum + Help and Support with VOIP Service


Welcome to this Forum + Help and Support with VOIP Service

Welcome to the VOIP and Everything Internet discussion forum!

This forum applies to PlusNet's Home Phone and Broadband Calls (VOIP) services and anything else Internet related

If you’ve already got PlusNet broadband, you can activate your PlusTalk account now and be chatting in minutes –

Similarly, you can signup to the home phone service by choosing "Phone Calls" on the menu above.

Broadband Calls
Retrieving voicemail messages from your PlusTalk phone
1. Dial 7001
2. When asked for your mailbox enter your SIP ID
3. When asked for your password enter your Voicemail PIN
4. Press 1 to listen to your new Voicemail.

You can find your SIP ID and Voicemail PIN on the My Accounts page of the PlusTalk control panel.

For more information on retrieving your voicemail please see the PlusTalk User guide.

Please note, when using 7001 Voicemail, use the # key whenever you are prompted to press the pound key.

Getting Help and Support

Feel free to ask any questions you have about PlusTalk in this forum. Our support team will be glad to help, and other PlusTalk users may have the answers for you too!

We’ve also got a dedicated PlusTalk support section area in our support pages, including setup guides, a glossary and Frequently Asked Questions.

PlusTalk VOIP support -

Alternatively you can get in touch with our support team using Contact Us or by phone on 0845 1400200.

Peered SIP providers - VOIP

We are continuing to work with other SIP providers, UK and Worldwide, to form peering partnerships.

You can call users of these services for free with PlusTalk:

    CallUK **285
    Gradwell **472
    Gossiptel **467
    Internet Phone company **847
    AQL **275
    Free World Dialup **393
    Zero27 **027
    Voipfone **867
    Telappliant **864
    Voipuser **448
    Blueface **353
    IPPN **477
    Sipphone **747
    Draytel **372

There are 2 ways to call a non-PlusTalk user:

1. Dial their full SIP address e.g.
2. Add the unique provider prefix code. Example: to call 12121 on Gossiptel add **467 (including stars) i.e. **46712121

For friends using these peers who want to call you, our SIP ID is **768