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Webspace - now unavailable


Webspace - now unavailable

Firstly apologies if this is the wrong place to post but wasn't sure where this should go.

I've been trying to upload a basic website that I've created in MS Publisher, and using Terrapin as the FTP software. I'd previously had a one page site that I had created using the templates available on the website builder.I thought I'd created it OK, but now when accessing the webpage I get the message that the page can't be found.

Somehow I've obviously screwed up and I was wondering is there any way to reset the webspace back to its default setting so that I can start again

Webspace - now unavailable

You simply upload a new idex.htm or index.html to your site and it will work. You can use the website tool to create a new page if you wish.

When you uploaded you page what was it called? were did you put it?

If you deleted all the pages that were there and upload a new page which was called new.htm when you go to the site is wouldnt find it but you should see it if you add the page name to the end of your site


If the name is just wrong logon via your ftp and rename the page to index.html