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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone could help me, I,ve set up a domain thru Plusnet but its for a friend and wanted to know if e-mails sent to the domain name can be redirected to his PC instead of coming to mine if u see wot I mean.........
If this is the wrong forum to ask this I appologise, tried to post on the web site forum but was told only moderators could post there


Marty Wink
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First you have to understand how emails for domains work.

You don't have separate mailboxes for your domains. Email directed at a domain will always appear in a plusnet mailbox of the same name. i.e. will go into the mailbox called ->

Knowing this, you can add a redirect to a mailbox via the Email Settings link under My Account. So you could redirect all mail received by to etc.

However, you need to add a redirect for every name you want redirecting. You can't have a wildcard redirect. You also can't redirect named mailboxes - these are mailboxes you have specifically setup that you access via username+mailboxname.