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Website warning?


Website warning?

Bourbon seems to have caused Google to penalise me over 100 places in the listings for keywords. For over a week I have been most unhappy failing to find a reason. But last night the likeliest explanation was given to me so I will report it.

It seems that Google has brought in an undocumented rule that any page must consist of at least 12% original material. As I run basically a literary site I have files which are selections from other files. So I have been caught out. My initial reaction was to think of replacing my files by PDFs then I remembered that Google can read PDFs. So, assuming the cause of the problem has been found, it is now a matter of providing links to the original material rather than copying it. I have had my Cat Poems pamphlet up on the Web for ten years now with readership running into the tens of thousands but I will be forced to remove it and supply an interface of links to the original books. The readers wont like that and will stop coming. Bloody Google.

Throughout I am talking about text within a website. If Google tried this between websites there would be pandemonium.