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Website Promotion


Website Promotion

What do people do to promote their own websites?

Website Promotion

One of the best places to promote your site in on the Open Directory Project (ODP)

Submitting your site there, will place your listing on hundreds of sites around the world.

This is for several reasons.

1: The project is designed in such a way, that the HTML output is very easy to parse using regular expressions.

There are hundreds of PHP and CGI scripts to do this, including addons for the likes of PHPnuke.

Providing a search engine on your site, in your own style, yet without the space requirments.

2: They provide XML/RDF dumps of the database.

Companies like Lycos, Google and a good damned few more use these. These are not so up to date, due to there size, but needless, your site will still get accross.

Search for "ppslim" on google (my nickname). I am a editor for two groups on the ODP, so searching for my names comes up with a fair damned few of the sites using OPD data.

According to ODP themselves, they know of 361 sites using the data they provide