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Website Issue


Website Issue

We are trying to resolve an issue for one of our clients which has been ongoing for a week now.

They have a website, hosted by Plus Net.

The site is uploaded to their FP webspace with the moonphase redirect on their www space.

The issue is that on some connections all that can be viewed is

Index of /
Parent Directory
Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

Whilst on others the site resolves fine.

From our business network (Plus Net ADSL connection) we can see the site. From a PC connected to a non plus net dial up we can see the site. However on another PC connected via a Plus Net 0845 connection we get the parent directory.

From my home Plus Net ADSL connection I also get the parent directory.

This has bounced back and forth all week with the Support desk. They can see the site from within the Plus net network and on an external connection.

I should add that all the PC’s which have had difficulty viewing the site have had the DNS/Web cache cleared to no avail and forced a refresh cntrl +F5.

Colleagues of ours using BT Broadband cant see the site whilst others on Nildram can.

This is causing much head scratching for us and Plus net tech support.

We have also used various dig utilities with some showing the domain records as fine while others are showing

Trying "";
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
Received 116 bytes from in 41 ms

A dig, using Sam Spade shows as failed, couldn’t connect to nameserver.

I would be grateful if anyone reading this could try and view and let me know if the site resolves.

Website Issue

You appear to be having two seperate problems. Lets look at the DNS issue first.

Based on the age of the domain, there should be no issues with resolving the domain by now, and propergation should be complete.

I have performed some tests, and can't see any issues myself with resolving the domain.

You do appear to be performing your tests incorrectly though.

Trying "";
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
Received 116 bytes from in 41 ms

You are attempting to perform a lookup on a URL, and not the domain name. You should not include any of the http:// - Only the

Testing on the server in question seems to work OK. Try "dig @"

With regards to your errors in gettign no page, this does appear to be a PlusNet problem, however, like PlusNet, I am unable to replicate it.

Can you post a ticket number here, and I am sure a comms agent can get it looked into in some more detail.

Website Issue

Hi Phillip,

Re the http bit, this was not what i input but what was returned by the result. I simply copied and pasted the info returned I will however try what you suggest. This particular query was performed using Dev Shed DNS Query.

I take it you were able to view the site ok?

The ticket no is 16151178. This has been passed to Networks, yesterday, for further investigation.

Thanks for your input.

Further dig :-

03/13/05 15:30:53 dig @
Dig ( ...
failed, couldn't connect to nameserver
Dig ( ...
failed, couldn't connect to nameserver
Dig ...
Non-authoritative answer
Recursive queries supported by this server
Query for type=255 class=1 CNAME (Canonical Name) NS (Nameserver) NS (Nameserver) A (Address) A (Address)

Website Issue

Very strange ....

Using the following, no problem, proper web page comes up OK:
PlusNet (Broadband Home Lite)
PlusNet (0845 Dial-up)
211surf (0844 Dial-up)
BTinternet (0845 Dial-up)
Waitrose (0845 Dial-up)
Eurobell (01293 Dial-up)

But these two gave me the Indexof/Parent Directory:
GIO (0845 Dial-up)
Vispa (0845 Dial-up)

Don't know about OneTel - I think they must have killed my account when I told them where to shove their dialler box, couldn't connect after three tries so gave that one up.

:? :?

Website Issue

Hi Gordon,

Many thanks for that.

I havent got any hair left. Cant figure this one at all.
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yet another test.

Mark I have tried again.
Dialing up from Plusnet 0845, I get the parent directory.
Dialing up from UK2 0845, I get the parent directory, and again using
Plusnet ADSL from home I get the parent directory.
A neighbour using AOL ADSL can view the site fine.
Students in the nearby primary school using a BT connection can also view the site.
I think the head scratching will continue into next week, but i hope not for long.
The customer is getting a bit annoyed! Sad
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Website Issue

Mark the site resolves without any problems on my connection,
tis a strange one this !

Website Issue

Hi Bill,

Thanks for that.

Got a message from Dave T that there may be an issue with the vhosts config for the account on one of the FP servers.

Networks will hopefully have it sussed tomorrow.

Many thanks to all for your help.