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Website Hosting, IP and DNS resoultion


Website Hosting, IP and DNS resoultion

hello all hope someone can help here,

anyway im trying to turn my static IP address into a FQDN like or somet, anyways i have port fowarding on my router forwading (win2k3 server) to which is working fine here:

Now when i open CMD and type PING -A i get SpeedTouch.lan on my internal network (thats the routers DNS name) from any computer external to my network i get (, for me to ever be able to host a proper domain on my local network server i need to get to resolve to something like
which would be on my network instead of,

The Win2k3 machine has DNS server installed and configured to but my router is the DNS,DHCP and NAT for my network. Any ideas how to fix my problem would be appreciated my MSN email is if you want to contact me direct.

Relevant links (IIS on local server using port forwarding) My Router