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Website FTP Connection


Website FTP Connection

Im having problems connecting to my webspace account via my FTP program. Ive raised a Contact Us ticket and had several replies, but no avail so far.

Ive used Network Places FTP, CuteFTP, Leechget FTP and still will not give me access. Ive even used my Girlfriends PC which again doesnt let me access my FTP account. However in a ticket replie Plusnet can connect to my FTP.

I recently moved home and in the old house I shared a Plusnet Broadband Account with another housemate. My PC security and layout is pretty much identical to when I used that connection and I had no problems connecting to the FTP.

Im running the connection through a US Robotics Router 9003 (hardware firewall is disabled)

Sygate Personnal Firewall as my Software.
AntiVir Guard as my AV guard.

Signed up to:-
PlusNet Broadband Home Premier 1Mb

Does anybody have any advice or solutions to my problem?

Thanks for all replies!

I tried accessing a different FTP server (not plusnet) and I can connect. It just seems to be Plusnet.

Website FTP Connection

Ok, got it worked out. If anyone has the same problems on a US Robotics 9003
You'll need to port forward from 20 to 21. Ive been forwarding port 21 only hence my problem Smiley

Thanks to support for the help.
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Website FTP Connection

Off the top of my head port 20 is the incoming port for FTP data tranfer and port 21 is the port for the FTP protocol. So in basic terms port 20 is the port used for tranfering the data and port 21 is the port that controls port 20.

I might be incorrect as it is a bit late..............


Ps Posted off duty

Website FTP Connection

Yeahs what I thought, thanks for the reply