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WebWiz forums


WebWiz forums

This is really just to see if it's possible to put a WEB WIZ forum on the webspace (see requirements) before I start working on it.

Cheers. :?

General Server Requirements - To run Web Wiz Forums your web server needs to be running the following :

[Long list of detail of system requirements removed 09-03-2005 by Crazeeworld - You just DON'T want to read it!!!]
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WebWiz forums

It's a no.

PlusNet use Unix based servers (FreeBSD to be exact) and Apache webserver software not Microsoft and don't offer any Microsoft based databases, only MySQL.

You need to find a Microsoft based hosting service for your requirements.

Have you considered alternative forum software. Many users run phpBB or Vbulletin forums here. There is also a simple to follow tutorial on installing phpBB which you may like to try: Scripts: Help Installing phpBB



Thanks for letting me know that.
I will have a think about which way to go.


Solution found....

After a bit of looking round, I settled on this format of free forum:

It's available from

The site admin is fine, once you get used to it.
You do get a few banner ads, but at least the service is free and very reliable so far.