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Web template help


Web template help

Hi folks,

I've now got my domain up and running, and I wanted a basic website online whilst I go about designing my own, so I downloaded a free web template from and set about sticking a bit of content in it.

It all works fine when I run it locally on my computer, so I fired up my ftp program and uploaded it to my webspace. The template contains a flash object and uses text documents for the content, so it requires that the folder structure remains the same. The text documents are in a folder which is in the same directory as the index.html file.

I have this structure intact within htdocs in my webspace, but the flash code seems unable to find the text files when I go online to my siteHuh

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Oddly, one of the text files provides the info for the navigation menu, and it is intact even when online, it's just the content that's missing, and it's in the same directory as required.

5sec don't seem to know what the problem is, so I wondered if it was maybe something to do with the way my webspace is set-up? :?


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Web template help

Check the case of your file names. Windows doesn't care, but all Unix derivatives are totally fussy about it. I spent hours a little while ago trying to track down a non-display problem.

Web template help

Thanks, I'll try that Smiley