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Web mail and identities


Web mail and identities

I have set up web mail and outlook express accounts with two identities following, I hope, all the rules. In my web mail, messages are sent correctly but the test input I used appears only in the outlook express default identity. No entries appear any of the web mail in boxes.

Also is there an easy way to delete a web mailbox set up in error.

I am sure there are simple answer to these problems but I have failed so far to find a solution. Can anyone help.
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Web mail and identities

I don't fully understand what you have described so forgive me if what follows is completely wrong...

Are you actually talking about webmail ( ) when you say web mail or are you talking about mailboxes as setup via the Email settings -> Configure mailboxes page?

When you say two identities, do you mean the identities feature of webmail or do you mean 2 separate mailboxes?

If you have not setup separate mailboxes, any email will go into your default mailbox.

If you are trying to setup 2 mailboxes then you need to do the following:

- create 2 separate mailboxes via Email settings -> configure mailboxes. e.g. fred & sally.
- In outlook express, setup 2 new accounts. One will login as username+fred with the password you set for that mailbox, and the other will login as username+sally with it's password. username is your Plusnet username.

Any mail sent to will go into the fred mailbox and any mail for will go into the sally mailbox. Any mail sent to any other address will go into your default mailbox for which you need to setup an account in OE which logs in as username and uses your default password.

If you are refering to the webmail identities, you then setup 2 identities in webmail with each one logging in with username+fred or username+sally.

I also suggest you read the Email section of the Help pages - just click on help at the top of the page.

You can delete mailboxes via the Email settings -> Configure mailboxes page. Just click the delete button next to the mailbox.