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Web forwarding to plusnet web address


Web forwarding to plusnet web address


I have spent quite a fews hours trying to get web forwarding to work to our plusnet web address.

I have a domain name registred with Joker.

I have put the forarding address as but it just does not work.

The joker web site, has a specific URL forwarding so it is just a matter of entering the web address.

I have done a few PING tests and it appears that Joker is forwarding the packets to [] and I get Requested Time Out Errors, but when I PING the www. I get a response from a different server and packets are returned.

Am I missing something or does Plus net block URL forwarding?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Web forwarding to plusnet web address

I assume you are using your name in place of USERNAME in the URL? is the IP address of the homepages server where your websote is located.

The problem appears to be with your jocker hosting service as they are responsible for forwarding requests. What is the domain you have added the forwarding for?

Note: the forwarding will most likely only happen for web (port 80) requests. Thus things like ping and tracert will only go to the hosting service's IP address and not your plusnet one.