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Web development strategy

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Registered: 11-10-2007

Web development strategy

I have just been asked to serve on a committee that is going to review part of our organisation's web strategy. I am a relative newbie.

My initial thoughts are that we need to consider:
1) the infrastructure (databases, tools etc.) that are going to be used;
2) development tracability, page ownership, control, modification priveledges, date stamping;
3) content, classification, linking etc.
4) tracing web usage patterns, identifying target markets, etc.
5) increasing 'stikyness' so that people come back (forums?).
6) staffing - linked to (1), what level of staff do we need?

Have I missed anything? How do professional organisations like PlusNet resolve these issues? What software are people using? How are web development teams structured?

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Web development strategy

Start with simple things as these are often missed.

What is the website for? Sounds daft but is it to sell a product or just to give company details?

What is every part of the webpage doing to make us money? Often people do great sites but put loads of graphics on it which puts people off going on the site. Rember 56k Modems? Very often reducing the graphics gives a quicker better page follow Googles example very few pics very bare page but what is there sells.

For every picture ask is this making money or could it be replaced by text. Make sure menus are clear often people cant find wha they want because of fancy menus.

If you are hosting it yourself then security must be tops along with no single point of failure. I mean you must have 2 of everything so if the server dies another takes over same for firewalls etc.

What else is needed depends on how big or technical the site is going to be and what expertise you have often you need more staff with knowledge you dont have in house.