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Web accelerator programmes


Web accelerator programmes

Hi there all,

Does any1 know of any good free web accelerator programmes for broadband/dsl connection i've had a couple and none of them seem to work,I recently tried the google web accelerator and it actually tells you how much time it has saved you loading web pages well for over two weeks it was a big fat zero Cheesy .I have a slight feeling these are only for dial up connections. :idea:
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Web accelerator programmes

If you use Firefox, I find that making these tweaks makes pages load much faster on a DSL connection.


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Web accelerator programmes

Or for FireFox there's an extension called FasterFox available from the Mozilla Firefox website that optimises the browser.

As far as web accelerators go, I've only used a paid-for one called Onspeed (

It does not support DSL Max'ed connections very well though, but works a treat on the up to 2mb fixed rate speeds.

You can also customise the level of acceleration you want as it uses compression techniques to achieve the speed.
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One thing to say about this, it works, only wish I'd known about it earlier. Piece of cake to implement too.

Okay two things to say. Can't do same in (now available for Windows XP?Vista) but that's fast already. :lol: