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Web Space As A File Transfer


Web Space As A File Transfer

Hoe do I upload a file to my web space so that when someone goes to my page they can click on a link and the file will be saved to their pc.

Thanks in advance.

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Web Space As A File Transfer

you simple upload as any other file and place a link to it
If it is a exe the computer will ask if they want to download it

Web Space As A File Transfer

Thank you for that...

Links for file downloads.


Just a quick tip! make sure that the path you write in for the link is absolutely correct otherwise it probably wont work

For Example: Path would be (or whatever the file extension is).

**Also if you've done the above correctly you should be able to test that it actually works yourself bye clicking on the link you created and by seing if you yourself can now download the file/s. If it fails then go back and check your syntax for the path or link.

**Should work fine if the path statement is correct though.

Regards Ivan Cool

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Web Space As A File Transfer

Ivan - thank you for your help and advice, much appreciated.