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Web Cam Access through a Router


Web Cam Access through a Router

Hello All, apologies for the long message, but I want to get the detail down.

I have finally managed to get my web cam set up on my pc (It is actually a Panasonic GS50 video camera which has a web cam mode). My home network has a Netgear DG834G ADSL Firewall Router set up and three PC's running from that.

I have been using MSN messenger to get it set up. I set up two MSN accounts, one on each PC and asked for a web cam communication. This did not work, or it almost did but the picture was half black and the rest was lines. I then tried a video conference and it worked perfectly, sound and picture.

I was then ready to try it over the Internet with my mates pc. He uses blueyonder with a straight modem to PC connection. I was able to communicate and become "MSN mates" I was also able to request and accept a video conference. However when it was accepted, no picture or sound came through at his end. It was just a black screen.

I have tried opening up all firewall rules but this made no difference. Can anyone offer any advice how I may be able to get this to work? Or is there another way I can go about it. (Apart from driving round there and chatting in person!!)

Thanks in advance

Web Cam Access through a Router

There is a known issue with the DG834 and MSN. A firmware upgrade is expected shortly to overcome this.
In the meantime, try the latest firmware (1.03.00) from the Netgear site
you can download the latest firmware from my site, which also includes the "fix" programme should the firmware update go wrong.

Web Cam Access through a Router

Thanks very much for this information.

Unfortunately I am already running 1.0.3. However by the looks of that website they are saying that the fault is still being looked at, therefore version 1.0.3 will not fix it. Am I correct by that?

Do you know of any other way this could be done perhaps by not using MSN?