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Warning to Incredimail users.


Warning to Incredimail users.

Came across this information today. I thought the group should be aware of it.

Warning to Incredimail users.

This should be of concern to those who use or are contemplating using this program.

I recently installed this and on reboot was warned by "Pest Patrol" that an application was monitoring my keyboard. The application was Incredimail and the file was ImHook.dll in the bin folder of Incredimails parent folder in the programs directory.
After deleting this file, incredimail ran as normal. What is this doing in a straight forward application like this?

IncrediMail may gather information related generally to Users' use of the Software, Service, and Site including without limitation:
The number of Messages that a User sends;
The number of Messages that are read;
What elements of the Service are most often used;
User log-in dates and time; and
Message size data.
This information, which will only be collected and maintained in aggregate, anonymous form, will be used to, among other things:
Provide IncrediMail with a better understanding of how Users use the Service and the various features thereof;
Help IncrediMail to create and provide new services and offerings to Users; and
Conduct and publish aggregate, anonymous, market research results.

IncrediMail may collect settings, technical and other information from Users' computers, such as a computer's operating system, IncrediMail and browser versions used, connectivity, various communication parameters and other information related to the operation and interaction of the Software, subject to the provisions herein. This information will neither contain nor be linked to any personally identifiable information.

Users, including without limitation, Users in the European Union, fully understand and unambiguously consent to the collection and processing of their personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information, in the United States."

Warning to Incredimail users.

Thanks for the info. I've been using Incredimail for a year now & had never heard of this.
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Maybe it's just monitoring for hot keys across the system or something?

Warning to Incredimail users.

Strange - I gave up with Incredimail some time ago, darned thing kept freezing and caused various problems, but never got around to uninstalling it. So - had a look, and I don't have that file in the first place!

Mine is pretty ancient - perhaps it's something they added in a newer version?

Warning to Incredimail users.

thanks for the info ( iv'e removed said file now ) is there another email prog i could use that also notify's me when i recieve an email like incredimail as this is the only reason i use it?
or will incredimail stop monitoring my movements now that the dll file is removed?

many thanks

Warning to Incredimail users.

The best email at the moment is the bat. There is anew problem with lots of email clients in that if you recieve a html email with external links it opens the links.

The bat is one of the few that doesnt do this IM does what is now happening is spam is being sent with a html code if you client opens the link then it send detail from your pc which marks you as a live email address.

HTML email is a privacy risk because it's trivially easy for the sender to embed a unique web bug inside an HTML email message that gets first when the mail is read (or even previewed within the preview area in Outlook and Outlook Express). That web bug is a small invisible graphic with a unique URL on a web server of the senders choice. When the mail is read the web bug is downloaded and the web server it came from makes a note of the image downloaded. By making the name of the image unique for each mail sent out a curious emailer can tell whether you downloaded and read the mail, and when and which ISP you were connected to, ...
If you include this little piece of HTML in the email you send it'll fire a web bug on UseTheSource that will record the name of the recipient. (Just replace the word email with the email address of the person you were sending the message to.

<img src= width=1 height=1>

The recipient will not see the image (it's a transparent 1x1 dot) but my web server will record the email address after the ? in my logs. You, or a malicious person, could do the same thing. And spammers do this all the time; that way they can reliably tell whether your email address is worth spamming!