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Waiting on domain name


Waiting on domain name

How long can I expect to wait before the registrar clears my domain name. I'd have thought it would have been pretty much instant.

I've now been waiting approximately a week.

Any ideas?
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Waiting on domain name

What do you mean by 'clear my domain name'?

Can you explain what you have done and what you are waiting to happen?
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Waiting on domain name

If you're talking about signing up for a new domain name, then if I recally correctly, it should only take 2-3 days, unless there's a problem, i.e. someone's already got the domain you want... in which case, you'll need to speak to someone via link:Contact Us.


Waiting on domain name

Yes. I'm waiting on a domain name that I've tried to register. I did a check beforehand and it came up as available.

But the message on th portal says "awaiting confirmation from registrar" and has done for days now.

I'll give it another couple of days and then raise a ticket.

Cheers kuglin. Smiley