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WARNING! Absolute Newbie Question


WARNING! Absolute Newbie Question

Hi All

I like the new forum setup,taken a bit of getting used to but know I have it figured out it's good.
Anyway back to topic.Never really had the inclination to set up a web site,but thinking about it; it could be useful.My wife and I spend a lot of time out and about with digital cameras and laptops,and I am wondering if it is possable to set up a website that is not able to be viewed by the general public,but we could use it to upload photographs to, for the purpose of using the available webspace for storage until we get home to sort them out.If this is'nt possable are there any other alternative methods that could be considered.If it is possable then any suggestions regarding reading matter that has simple explainations as to how to achieve this would be appreciated.Or is as simple as putting together a website,and making a password needed to gain access?

Thanking you

Ian & Linda Jordan

WARNING! Absolute Newbie Question

u would need ftp software to upload images (and anything else) to your website. you would need to create a ".htaccess" file to password protect your files. here's one tutorial but i'm sure you can find better
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WARNING! Absolute Newbie Question

There is a guide somewhere in the support section of the portal for htaccess, however finding it can be difficult, they dont make them the easiest support pages to navigate.


No need for FTP prog!

If you have a version of Windows that supports web folders(built in) then you do not need ftp programs.
You treat your webspace default folder as you would a folder on your pc.
UpLoading to your web site would be the same as when you copy to a normal folder on your pc.
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WARNING! Absolute Newbie Question

hi ian & linda
would it not be just as easy to just e-mail the pictures to yourselves? or am i missing your point?

WARNING! Absolute Newbie Question

would it not be just as easy to just e-mail the pictures to yourselves? or am i missing your point?

I had considered this,but hought I may fall foul of the maximum e-mail size restrictions.

Thanks to everyone for their replies,certainly something to get my teeth into now.

Ian & linda Jordan
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WARNING! Absolute Newbie Question

Hi there,

If you want to put pictures online then I would recomend a program called gallery. You can get it from

It's free and uses PHP to do all the necessary image manipulation. You have to mess around a bit to get it working on the CGI server but it's definately possible.