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Vonage QoS settings?

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Vonage QoS settings?

i have been having poor quality calls for a while now thru vonage.

can anyone tell me how and what settings i need for my router to setup QoS?
my router is a safecom SWAMR 54108
vonage router is a Linksys RT31P2

My test your voip score is 2.7 test results

Speed test statistics
Download speed: 68056 bps
Upload speed: 37480 bps
Quality of service: 13 %
Download test type: socket
Upload test type: socket
Maximum download pause: 2262 ms
Average download pause: 192 ms
Minimum round trip time to server: 1700 ms
Average round trip time to server: 2174 ms

VoIP test statistics
Jitter: you --> server: 3.0 ms
Jitter: server --> you: 3.8 ms
Packet loss: you --> server: 0.0 %
Packet loss: server --> you: 0.0 %
Packet discards: 0.0 %
Packets out of order: 0.0 %
Number of supported VoIP lines: 0
Estimated MOS score: 2.4

Link to Image


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Vonage QoS settings?

Define poor quality of service?:
If you are hearing occasional break-up then there is nothing you can do as this is caused by jitter and packet loss over the internet / PN's network.

If people you are calling complain you don't sound right then it may be possible to improve what you are sending but it is unlikely to make a difference; PN already prioritise your VoIP data as soon as it gets to them. And prioritising from your router will only make a difference if you try to surf at the same time as making a VoIP-call.

Looking at the VoIP Test Stats you already have a very good connection, there is virtually no jitter and no packet loss in that report. As for the other tests - I'm not sure what they measure or how what they have measured is of use to you.

Just a couple of other checks before I suggest how to do the QoS
1) You are using a proper VoIP phone and not a tin-pot soft phone? VoIP is a real-time thing but Windows is famous for randomly not allowing a process to run for a few hundred miliseconds. The .Net framwork service and virus checkers are known to cause break-up in softphones.

2) Are you using G.711? Other codecs are not as clear.

If you have dedicated VoIP phone then leave the ports and destination details all blank and just specify a high priority for all traffice from your phone's IP address.

If you are using software, then you have a problem. You will need to see what address the RTP data from your phone is being sent to. You may be able to find this by seeing what sessions your router thinks are open but you'll need someone who knows that router to tell you more.
Once you know what IP address your VoIP RTP (audio packets) are sent to you can specify that any traffic to that address is prioritised.
Note: you may need to make sever calls as the registrar that your phone registers with may direct RTP to different addresses depending on how many gateways Vonage have. Even if you do this it may not help for calling other VoIP users as you may initiate connections directly with them that don't go via vonage's servers.

leave all the fields blank except the source IP address of your phone, and set protocol to any.
leave all fields blank except the target IP address of where your RTP goes to.

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Vonage QoS settings?

poor quality of service is a 2 second gap between me (some of the time and when internet connection is busy)and the other caller when i/someone else is using the internet at the same time. poor quality as in a mobile phone that does not have a full signal break up in conversation.

answer to question 1.

no im using a BT diverse hard phone directly from the linksys router, which is connected to my safecom router thru an 8 port switch.

question 2.

looking at it now i cant enter the vonage router from this pc i need to plug it in and try setup so i will use the G.711 codec.
edit: i accessed the router last nite but couldnt directly specify G.711 as that part of the router is controlled by vonage.on the website i have the quality to best or 96Kbps.

i have never been able to see or find the phones IP address in any of my routers setup or client lists. but by default it should be from linksys to access the UI.
i now know that the vonage router can be setup with a static IP.


Vonage QoS settings?


I suggest you raise a ticket with Plusnet asking them to add Vonage to their traffic shaping.