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VoIP VS Plusnet QoS


VoIP VS Plusnet QoS

** Copied from my ispreview forum post **

My company has a plusnet business premium up-to-8Mb service, which was ample for our needs. We rarely download anything heavy other than the occaisional linux and MSDN ISOs.

For us, things have been fine until thursday last week. Plusnets restriction on VoIP data is a severe problem for us, we have 4 VoIP phones, which connect up to a server in london. One call is perfect, but if we call eachother, or two people use the phones at the same time, call quality is inaudable.
VoIP is a fantastic but untrusted technology, and plusnets misguided restriction (to prevent abuse..?) means we present a rather unprofessional image to customers.

I have spoken to somebody yesterday at plusnet, and a ticket was raised. The ticket has been open for 24 hours now, following one chase up call today, the ticket is still untouched. The MD wants to ditch VoIP when we move to a larger premesis (next 2-3 months), and i'm trying to convince him that the technology is sound. Plusnet seem to have done their level best to make this impossible.

Has anybody had any success having the QoS restriction removed from their account? Are any of you out there in the same situation as me? Please let me know i'm not alone!
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This 10mb/s throughput PN saved may look great for figures, but for those of us actually using VoIP (as opposed to masquerading their P2P traffic as VoIP?), it is a problem. This is critical for us and nobody at pn has treated this as though it matters. It is a problem, and one way or another, I have to fix it. I only hope that the solution saves me the hassle of moving ISP.
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VoIP VS Plusnet QoS

I suggest that you point out that as they haven't given 14 days notice to this new restriction on VOIP, PN are in breach of contract and that if they do not resolve this with 24 hours you will take your business elsewhere (although you need to be prepared to follow this threat through - since this is a change to the service to your detriment you should only need to give 14 days notice).


VoIP VS Plusnet QoS

Sorry to be of no help, but mine hasn't even worked for 1 month!
No interest at Minusnet so I've got my MAC......
I'd recommend you do the same....
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