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VoIP Phones.


VoIP Phones.

Anyone using a Voice over IP phone?

I have been looking at a few providers and would be keen to hear from users of Sipgate.

They provide you with a local number which is assigned to your account. I have tried this with the PC software but would like to hear from others before buying an actual phone.

Is there a noticable quality drop and would normal landline users know you are using a VoIP phone?

I also looked at the offering from BT but closed the browser laughing.

Secondly, will BT disconnect a phone service from your line and leave ADSL connected?


VoIP Phones.

Well we use voice over Ip phones in work, and yes mostly they are pretty good but they quality of sound can suffer with network & internet traffic. Because it digital you miss words when it happens but you get used to it. It doesn't happen that often.

Landlines users will probably think your on a mobile, if it cuts out, but the quality when working is just as good.

I think you need to have a BT line in order to have ADSL, but I'm not 100% on that.


VoIP Phones.

I use VoIP here for my start-up business, and it works well.

If you have ever tried testign the lag in a mobile, by dialing home and having a handset to each ear, you may have noticed a very slight delay. I get roughtly the same from VoIP.

BT do not provide a line only service, where you can have ADSL, but no PSTN line, which is a shame. Though there is word on the grapevine, that such a service may be available within the next 12 months.

I currently use Sipgate and supply my business service, whilst Sipgate provide my home service.

I plan on using the Sipgate service to aloow for free calls whilst abroad. Login via MSN and wait for my family to call. As it is classed as the local area, it means free international calls Smiley