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I keep getting the following e-mail from PlusNet. Is this a genuine e-mail from them?


Dear Customer,

You are receiving this mail because you have an active virus-scanning service, and either a banned file extension or an email containing
a virus has been sent to your address.

The item(s) in question picked up by the service was:
The Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1 virus
and was sent to you from:


The subject line of the mail received was:
Re: Your software

In order to protect you, this email has been stored on our servers and quarantined. If you wish to retrieve this, you will need to
raise a ticket via the "Contact Us" system on the portal website.

Please ensure that you include all the information in the section marked "SUPPORT INFORMATION" or we may not be able to retrieve the email for you.

Please also be aware of any risks involved should you ask to have
this mail sent back out to yourself - it may contain material that could harm the integrity of your computer.

If you do not request the retrieval of this mail, it will be held on our servers for seven days before being deleted.

Kind Regards,
Customer Support.


in a word yes
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This is Plusnet's virus scanning service telling you it has found a virus, so it has quarantined the email. Check the from address and subject each time just in case someone you know is inadvertently sending viruses. Normally you don't have to do anything, just delete these emails and, like they say, it will be deleted from the server in a few days.


Can PlusNet not permanently block these viruses. Much like a spam blocker. Seems sensless sending them to me.

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No they are advising you in case the mail was something that you really needed and are prepared to download it and deal with the virus yourself.