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Virus warning


Virus warning

It seems they're getting more prolific. Spotted another one in my mailbox today.

re: Here is the document.

attachment: yes

length 25kb.

Needless to say it didnt hang around long. Keep your virus definitions up to date guys and be on the lookout.

Virus warning

I agree. This morning I received 13 spams (in another ISP's mailbox) and four of them, allegedly from different sources, had attachments and all were 41K. The subject lines were: Re Development; Re Message; Re Your Document; and Re Product. I routinely delete all content in the spam folder and if any of them are genuine - tough!

The virus with Re: as the subject line

Every day I am receiving around 5 or 7 emails that contail re: in the subject line and a pif attachment. How do I stop them from getting through or can't I? I'm not on a network, it's just me at home so it's very easy to spot them but it's driving me nuts!
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Virus warning

I guess you are just using your default mailbox to collect mail?

1. Set up a named mailbox eg. fred which you call by username+fred so your email address becomes
2. Only tell people who need to know your new address what it now is.
3 set up a divert so that all mail going to you current address is sent to

You set the above up by using the Email settings on the left of this page.
This should stop the spam for a while, and you can then change the mailbox name if it starts up again.