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Virus tag added to outgoing email


Virus tag added to outgoing email

When I send email, virus protection adds the following tag:

"This email has been verified as Virus free
Virus Protection and more available at "

Is there any way of muting this message, without disabling virus protection? I quite like the virus detection, but I don't like that message being added to all my outgoing email. It would be a shame to have to turn off virus protection to get rid of the message.

Virus tag added to outgoing email

There is currently no way to disable this, and a recent idea submitted for this was rejected.
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Virus tag added to outgoing email

I thought it was only incoming mail that was scanned?

The Antivirus scanning only adds a signature to incoming mail, it doesn't touch any outgoing mail. So any mail you send to people won't have the signature attached, only you see the signature when you get the reply.

Maybe you're right.

You may be right. I sent email to an address that would bounce it back to me here at I retrieved it from via third party software, but of course this would be after it had been treated to any virus detection as incoming mail. The outward journey may have been fine.

It's been a busy day - new ISP - new to broadband and loads of software to configure. I'll send someone outside a message and ask them what they see.