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Virus' any suggestions?


Virus' any suggestions?


Yesterday my system detected 130 different virus' on my system due to that stupid kazaa program.

I managed to get rid of all of them but now everytime I turn my PC on I get this

"C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd32.exe was unable to load etc etc"

Any one have any ideas how I can get rid of this?


Virus' any suggestions?

Do you have anti-virus running? If not I suggest you get some sharpish.

To get rid of this message, you need to edit the registry. Go to LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows / Current Version / Run, find the entry relating to that file and delete it.

If you still have the info on the viruses found, go to and find out as much as you can about what they leave behind and how to get rid of them.

Next, be VERY, VERY careful about anything you get from Kazaa. Always make sure you scan for viruses before running anything you have downloaded from there.

Virus' any suggestions?

thank you so much for your reply, I have now removed it from my system.

I use Norton AntiVirus and thats what alerted me to all 130 of them! I just clicked on loads of stuff to download from kazaa and before I knew Norton was going mad.

It was the above problem that I couldn't get rid off - but all is now well.

I'll definately be more careful in the future with kazaa.

It's amazing, as I've had the internet for 5 years and was always getting virus' and other crap which messed up my system - then I had no net for 4 months and the PC was fine. As soon as I got back on the net thats when the problems start. It's terrible that the net causes so many problems.

Anyway, thanks for you help.


Virus' any suggestions?

Ahh, Kazzaa, the Peer to Peer Virus sharing programme!!!

I shouldn't blame just Kazzaa, there is WinMX, EMule, Donkey and many others.

Virus' any suggestions?

You should note that on latest test by a computer mag that norton failed misrabley detecting virus.

Often these are more spyware than virus as Kazaa is know for it use Kazza Lite

Virus' any suggestions?

OK, here goes. Norton is useless -- get rid of it! Norton misses so many viruses, and when it does catch something it will just quarantine it. Get an AV that can delete it.

I recommend NOD32. Type that into Google and read up on it via the Eset website.
What's good about NOD32? First, it's a lot lighter on your system, so much less processing power is used compared to Norton. Secondly, it's far more accurate. If you look on the Eset site, you'll see that NOD32 won 24 Virus Bulletin awards already and with 100% detection rates. Bloated old Norton can't compete.

As for Kazaa, well everyone should know better than to use it by now. Just look on and read the reviews. Kazaa is absolutely chock full of spyware. There is worse, such as Grokster, which installs 399 spyware programs along with Grokster itself. Kazaa is not too far behind in terms of installed nasties. One thing you might have noticed is something called 'SaveNow!'. Delete one of the .dll files of SaveNow! and you might end up not being able to boot your PC anymore. It happened to us, we weren't able to start the PC for 3 days.

Get yourself these programs:

Spybot Search & Destroy (free)
Ad-aware (there's a free version available)
Hijack This! (free)
and maybe PestPatrol.

Running those should eliminate any spyware programs lurking on your system. Good luck! I know this problem well and it's a horrible thing.

The best alternative to Kazaa is Kazza Lite. Kazaa Lite is Kazaa with the nasty stuff removed, plus a whole heap of better features such as multi-source downloads. Kazaa Lite is also now called Kazaa Lite Ressurrection since Sharman (Kazaa developers) tried to shut K - Lite down, as it's not official, just based on Kazaa.

I was a K - Lite user for a long time, but recently switched to Soulseek. Soulseek has no spyware and (like K - Lite) is perfectly safe to use. It's just a better thing all - round, because on Kazaa you're dealing with a whole pile of random mp3's. On Soulseek there's more complete albums and way less viruses lurking around.

We shouldn't really be downloading .exe files via Kazaa anyway, that's just asking for trouble. If you need the links for the Kazaa Lite website, PM me and I'll send you some details. I don't think I can post a direct link to K-Lite on here so find it via Google or like I said, I'll give you a link. Just be sure you download K - Lite from the official sources though, and don't fall for anything called 'Kazaa Gold' and similar rip offs that offer you programs with features of K - Lite but ask for money. K - Lite is free and always will be. But Soulseek kicks it's ass! I see less and less users on the K network now, I think people are moving away from it.

Virus' any suggestions?

Many P2P applications are full of fake files
virus and trojans, the more popular thay are the
more they are targeted.
A very good anti - virus to try is Kaspersky personal.
Basically nothing from the likes of Kazaa will get passed it,
if you set the option to delete the file, if it can't be cleaned.

Virus' any suggestions?

Can anyone recommend a good antivirus app as well as software firewall for Mac OS X?