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Virus Emails??? Help!


Virus Emails??? Help!

For the last week or so every day when i check my email I am getting about 4 or more emails which come from the virus alerting service informing me that an email addressed to me has been quarantined.

Now obviously these mails arent getting to do any harm to the PC but im just getting a bit sick of receiving them!!! Any ideas on what i can do to stop them? I dont have many people in my email address list and very very rarely send emails so i have no idea where or how it has happened.

Sorry. im ot very technical minded... perhaps theres nothing i can do about it... its just bugging the life out of me thats all!!! lol

thanks for any help you may give.

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Virus Emails??? Help!

Hi Lisa.

Just in case you wern't aware. As soon at you put your "e" mail address anywhere on the www, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to this sort of thing.

There are programmes available out there (uses by the odd balls) that just search for "e" mail addresses.

"e" mail addresses can be brought and sold in their hundreds of thousands. You never really know where your one can end up.

One solution used by some is to use one "e" mail address for your private account. And another one for use (when you have to supply an "e" mail address) if you "sign up" to something on the www.

Hope this helps a little.


Virus Emails??? Help!

thanks..... i dont really sign up to many things but obviously something along the way has got hold of the address.i just hope they stop soon as its bugging me to bits!!! thanks anyway
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Virus Emails??? Help!

I have set up a “message rule” in my e-mail client that just files the virus warnings into a separate folder and marks them as read; it could just as easily delete them.
As they are text only they take very little bandwidth.

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Virus Emails??? Help!

Yeah ive done exactly the same thing ! just filters straight into a seperate folder
very easy to do Lisa if you use mail rules

its also good to know the p net virus filter is doing its job, i dont know
about you chilly but its not let one slip through yet !
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Same here

Yep, getting the 'Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1 virus' warning from Plusnet - and althought the message rule is useful - it is annoying that the person(s) haven't a clue and probably a cr*p or out of date antivirus solution. I hope this is sorted soon!!