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Vindictive Spamming

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Vindictive Spamming

There is this guy, now i dont know if he cannot script, or if he is as thick as 2 short planks, or if he has indeed got it in for me.

It started this morning, and since then i have recieved at least 150 emails from this guy about a product he is trying to sell, a vacum cleaner... like WTFHuh

Anyways my inbox has beem immaculate up until now, no spam no nothing... then this guy comes along, hes really trying my patience.

I got the headers and contacted the resulting ISP - i think - not sure if i did this right cos they have not replied.

The long and short of this is I NEED HELP, if this dont stop i am going to go crazy - and by the sounds of things he doesnt live that far away from me, wel on the same island anyway. Evil

Is there anything i can do to stop this guy - short of walking up to him and cutting off all his fingers and then burying him alive and let bleed of suffocate to his sorry end. Evil

Could some one of the Plusnet dudes do something to help me out?

Vindictive Spamming

Seek legal advice from CAB.

They should advise you on the laws concerning harrasment.

I believe it is that you must provide one request to stop, after which, legal action can be taken.

Keeping the spam is best.

Quite if or not the police are going to help is another matter, as I am unsure how most forces deal with the cyber-crime aspect (ie, how seriously they will take you and how they will investigate it).
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Vindictive Spamming

The police wont want to know they will tell you it is a matter between you and whichever isp`s are involved which being a bit of a legal grey area they are right

I would take Philips advise though and keep all emails from this person and seek advise from the CAB (their always very helpful)

if you can get the IP address do a lookup and you should be told the originating isp and fire off several complaints so they notice (usually Abuse@), depending on the isp involved you might not get a reply at all some are not good at communicating

failing that register with spamcop follow the instructions and they will forward the complaints for you or download spamfighter which does similar (its free)

you can also set up a rule that deletes the emails immediately so you wont see them at all, i know its not ideal and in your place i would be equally annoyed

Spamming Advise & Replying,Ivan

Hello jabb0,

Here are some further suggestions for you to consider, first of all SpamCop run a very very good website about spamming and will give information about different things you can do. You can I believe register for free to their service which then enables you to report spamming to them (So how will this help me?? you asking sure!!), once you've registered with spamcop next step is to take any one spam mail that was sent to you and copy the entire headers and spamcop have a reporting page where you paste in the header information, next you hit a process button on the page and the site will parse the header data and probably confirm its spam alright, at the end of this page the processed data will tell you which ISP or networks the spam came from or travelled across.

Here's the best bit, the spamcop reporting tool allows you to send a spamcop spamming report message to that/those providors network administrators who should then take action on your behalf. So in summary the Spamcop site costs you zero and might have a desired effect longer term. ISP admins have a responsablity to deal with the specific person i.e. shut their account if its being used for abusive purposes or to block such mail from them. Often spammers get their accounts shutdown as a result.

**I personaly have had some success with spamcop so it does work if your prepared to go the distance.

**You have to STOP repeat STOP taking this spamming so personally!! this is exactly what the spammer wants i.e. to upset you!! to rile your feelings, to provoke an angry response from you. You have to step back emotionally, if you dont do this then your allowing yourself to be emotionally manipulated by this person and on a certain level they have succeeded. But you dont have to be so emotionally reactive to him/her, you dont have to respond in the way they want? have a think about this, think about how angry you are at them and the spamming?? just consider what I've said thats all?Huh

**I use a program called Mailwasher Pro which I can highly recommend to you, this allows you to see any email before you download it onto your machine. Whats really nice about Mailwasher is that you can 1) delete spam & virus ridden mail off the server before it gets any where near your system 2) Mailwasher has a blacklist so any further spam is flagged up immediately and is identified as spam so you know 3) the flagged spam & viruses can be bulk deleted in seconds 4) Mailwasher has a friends list so legitimate mail is identified too 5) Mailwasher allows you to bounce email back to sender if you wish too use this feature & this can make it appear that YOUR account no loger exsists and so hopefully the spammer will stop sending the spam to you after a short time. 6) Mailwasher also uses an intelligent learning filter so it learns the difference between spam & legit mail even more clearly over weeks & months 7) you can make or create your own custom spam filters too so as to catch specific spam's

Mailwasher :-




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Vindictive Spamming

I really have to second the suggestion of mailwasher.exe which is a fabulous program. Simple to configure and very easy in normal use.

Just add that sender's domain to the blocked senders list and run the program before you run Outlook or your mail client. It will get rid of everything PDQ.

You can also filter out certain keywords and you'll never even see the emails, unless you want to. Wink

Just do a Google search. The Pro edition will protect several mailboxes and is really well worth tracking down.
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Vindictive Spamming

Guys i had to put this on hold, till i switched to linux, took me about 4/5 days to get it going.

Now He is no longer sending the emails, so either the accountancy firm that he was bouncing his emails off stopped him, or the guys in amsterdam he was bouncing the emails off stopped him or he got sick of the fact he was getting everysingle one sent back to him through a rule i set up in Outlook.

I dont think provideing a return address was his smartest move.
I know 2 wrongs dont make a right, and i was brought up to be a good boy, but im not so good when i am not so happy. Specially if someone abuses my compo, my lil friend whom i lovingly built and upgraded from the year dot.

Alls well that ends well.

Thanks for all your input guys